What is the number on the Agenda icon badge? How do I turn it on or off?

The number on the badge of the Agenda icon generally represents today’s date. In all versions, you can completely turn this off (following the instructions below). In Agenda v4 and above, you can also have the badge show remaining tasks for today. 

If you want the badge active, you may also need to visit Settings.app->Notifications, browse to Agenda, and toggle “Badge App Icon” to “On.” Note that we do not have the ability to alter the color or appearance of the badge in any way.

For Agenda v4 and above

Visit the settings of the app and then tap "App Icon Badge." Select the desired option.

For Agenda v3 and below

Visit the settings of the app by tapping the settings button in the lower right of the toolbar and then toggle “Date on Badge” to see today’s date on the badge or to turn if off. 

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