Why is Agenda not in the App Store?

The first version of Agenda was created back in 2011. At that time, there were almost no quality calendar apps on the App Store. The default option was not great either and that's why the original version did so well. That version left the App Store back in mid-2013 with the release of Agenda Calendar 4.

With Agenda Calendar 4, we made another go at Agenda based on what we had learned but at that time, there were a growing number of quality calendar options. Then enter calendar apps that got backed by investor money (millions of dollars), were acquired by companies like Microsoft, or simply built by Google (aka Google Calendar on iOS). Some of these calendars exist on multiple platforms as well or have huge teams working on them.

Trying to keep up with the likes of these other options was just not doable. We've had a consistent position that if we can't keep our apps updated, competitive, or if they don't make good business sense, we will pull them from the app stores. We made this decision about Agenda and hope you can understand why. 

While we are no longer answering support requests for Agenda, we are leaving the knowledge base open for past questions.

Thank you for the support of Agenda through the years. It means the world to us.

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